Saturday, 24 March 2012

Denim Fun.....

           I wore this denim dress during my recent trip to Phuket (Thailand). One of our evening's was spent watching the most entertaining Phuket Fantasea Show. I must say it is worth a watch because you don't get to see something like this in India.

      Phuket Fantasea is a good theme park with lots of smiling faces around. It’s so much fun especially for kids.  There is also a show that happens, which is the main attraction.
       The show is magnificent; the theatre is huge and light and sound effects during the show are outstanding. It is a story about the King.
      The performers of the show are glamorously dressed and there are live animals performing. The beautiful sets of the show keep on changing from time to time.
      We were lucky enough to get the front seats and closely watch all the performers and animals walk by us. In short it is a glorified version of circus...but very well presented and managed.
    There is so much more to see in Thailand, and cover each and every island there....waiting for my next turn.


Thursday, 22 March 2012

What To Wear On Weekends

What To Wear On Weekends

        Hurray the weekend is approaching and I am confused as usual.....What to wear to work? Yes we work six days a week :(, so its two days Friday and Saturday that I prefer wearing casuals. A break from wearing formals as all the business meetings are scheduled over the busy week.

        But when I open my wardrobe I am left with so many??? Sundays are the days when I am so happy to wear everything that I like since there are no dress code obligations.

        This is my first attempt to put up a look together for the summer. I have tried to bring in a lot of pastels together and paired up with some bold accessories to make the entire outfit stand out. Never the less I haven’t been able to lay my hands on entire pastels look in my wardrobe yet... But these cool colours are definite thumbs up for this season.

      Let’s see what I pair up on this will also depend on the activities that I have got to do on that day.

     Till then happy reading and happy blogging.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Sunday Luncheon...

Going out on a Sunday afternoon after a busy week at work calls for wearing something very casual.

I had picked up this tunic from Bangkok and wore it for the first time. It’s also getting pretty heated up in the afternoons here. Mixed and matched it with a grey gunjee rather than white to break the monotony...

Had a great time with friends over lunch and was really feeling sleepy :)

Some more interesting things lined up for me in the coming month which will be worth sharing, until then some product reviews coming up...


Saturday, 17 March 2012

The First Step and The First Sun

A big hiiii to all of you... Feeling ecstatic about writing our first post and getting started on

We both sisters were planning to get started with blogging and share our experiences with styling, beauty, products, things we do and all of it. Thought of beginning with putting up a few pictures of Priyanka on and writing our first post on this lovely Sunday morning. Today was a early rising day, have to catch up with friends for lunch. I volunteered to cook something for them. Planning to cook grilled fish and chicken curry. Need to get working on it soon.

Have to dress up for the lunch too, will have to be very casual and comfortable. It’s also started getting very hot in Mumbai now. Few days back the winter didn't want to leave us and now the summer is just unbearable. My sensitive skin has already started reacting with some sun allergies on my forearms, just because I forgot to wear my sunscreen. All this happens while we are out during weekends; weekdays are spent at work/college/home. So here are a few summer essentials that one needs to follow before going out into the sun:

·         Wear a good sunscreen; don't even buy the OTC sunscreens available consult a skin specialist to get the one which really works on the skin. I have been recommended to use Shadowz SPF 30 (Dr.Reddy's) by my dermatologist.
·         Apply the sunscreen at least 20-30 min's before leaving your home. Reapply it every three hours during the day.
·         Carry a umbrella/ scarf/ jacket to protect yourself if you are going out in peak noon hours.
·         Always carry a good pair of sunglasses.
·         Drink lots of water and keep yourself hydrated.
I am sure by taking these precautions we can keep our skin looking great and healthy even during summers.

Have a great week ahead

Prajakta... :)